Someone Agrees

2 thoughts on “Someone Agrees”

  1. you should read his book. no, he doesn’t answer questions, but he’s doing more to build a bridge with the LGBT community than any other evangelical I know.

    also, new thought to ponder: what if homosexuality is a mental illness like bipolar disorder or borderline? that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a sin, but would it change our response to people who struggle?

    1. i agree we need a new response (in general). i agree that there needs to be reaching out. but i think there is a difference between being compassionate and respectful in outreach and watering down the gospel and truth because it isn’t what a group of people necessarily want to hear. i feel like we need to love people, tell people the truth humbly, and then continue loving them whether or not they chose to believe it.

      Being gay has nothing to do with whether or not you go to hell or heaven. its just evidence of brokenness in a world that is full of broken people. Just like prostitution, murder, greed, pride, adultery, etc. are symptoms of what is wrong with our hearts. So our approach should be to address the gospel, without believing that, it doesn’t matter what our behavior is, we are still lost souls without help.

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