He’s got it

Preface: I wrote this letter as a way to process through my own reaction to current events, and to process through my frustration and sadness of how the church is responding to and being portrayed in all of it.  I have read this letter over to myself a few times since I wrote it earlier … Continue reading He’s got it


“Have you ever asked the Lord what He calls you?” I remember thinking it was a dumb exercise.  I have never hear audibly from God.  I am doubtful of those who say they have (not that this is right, just honest).  So asking God a question in prayer and waiting for an answer seemed like … Continue reading “Mine”

Mud — A

Sometimes you watch a film, but it doesn’t feel like watching a film at all. It feels like your reading a novel and what is unfolding on screen is your imagination bringing those words to life. Sophia Coppola and Terrance Malick are filmakers with this particular gifting. Beasts of the Southern Wild is another example. … Continue reading Mud — A

No Pain, No Gain

Discipline is hard. I think that is the point.  Discipline inherently requires making a sacrifice of will for something that isn’t immediately desirable but ultimately good for you.  I have been a very discipline person for various season of my life.  Lately, I’ve been a bit lax. I am going to start training for my … Continue reading No Pain, No Gain

The Dating Game

My relationship history is complicated at best.  I could probably fill a book on all the reasons why that is (which I would want NO ONE to read). I’ve had some, lets say, volatile relationships.  When two sinners get together, there is just more sin, and I have definitely seen my sin effect and hurt … Continue reading The Dating Game